My teaching is based on the conviction that history is not simply a set of facts, but a way of seeing the world. I design my courses to foster foundational skills of historical thinking—interpreting sources, analyzing contexts, evaluating causation and contingency—and to help students recognize the relevance of history in their own lives. My teaching fields include Europe since the French Revolution, the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, race and antisemitism in modern Europe, and twentieth-century genocides and crimes against humanity. In the future, I plan to develop a sequence on European intellectual history that will emphasize the instability of European national, racial, and religious identities, as well as the role of empire in shaping modern European thought.

Below are syllabi of undergraduate courses I have offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (since Fall ’20) and Harvard (Fall ’18-Spring ’20). I’ve also included some additional materials that I use in my classes (assignments, bibliographies, writing guides). These materials are posted as resources for other educators, and I am always eager to collaborate with teachers in similar fields.


“History of Modern Germany, 1870 to the Present” (Spring 2021)

“The Weimar Republic and the Rise of Nazism” (Fall 2020)

“Genocide, War Crimes Trials, and Human Rights in the 20th Century” (Fall 2020)

“Nazi Germany and the Holocaust” (Spring 2020)

“Genocide, War Crimes Trials, and Human Rights in the 20th Century” (Spring 2020)

“Modern Europe, 1789 to the Present” (Fall 2019)

“After Catastrophe: Europe since 1945” (Spring 2019)

“Europe and its Others: From the Enlightenment to the EU” (Spring 2019)

“Nazi Germany and the Holocaust” (Fall 2018)

Teaching Resources

Public History Assignment: Sites of Nazi Persecution and Genocide (Examples of my students’ work are available here.)

Essay Assignment: Contemporary Issue in Historical Perspective

Primary Source Bibliography: The Weimar Republic

Primary Source Bibliography: War Crimes Tribunals

Writing Guide: How to Write a Research Paper in History (This brief guide was prepared for my seminar on genocide and war crimes tribunals, but can be widely adapted.)

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