Public History

I am committed to the public value of history and to making historical knowledge accessible for wide audiences. Below are links to some of the public history projects I have been involved with. I welcome inquiries in this area, and have particular expertise in Holocaust memory and education, recent European history, and genocide studies.

I appeared with Dan Stolz on UW-Madison’s “Ask a Historian” Podcast to address why many young people lack basic knowledge of the Holocaust, and how we can fix this.

I published the first English-language review of a major new work by Jürgen Habermas, Europe’s most prominent philosopher and public intellectual, in Boston Review. This was the third most-read essay published in Boston Review in 2020.

I collaborated in developing a teacher’s guide for secondary school teachers on “Exile and Community: The Life of Carola Domar,” a documentary about a survivor of Nazi Germany who later settled in Concord, Massachusetts. This project was supported by Mass Humanities.

I provided German-English translations of historical documents for the PBS popular history series Finding Your Roots.

As the Richard W. Sonnenfeldt Fellow at the American Jewish Committee Berlin, I served as a researcher, writer, and editor for the Protecting Memory Project, which identifies and memorializes unmarked Holocaust mass graves in Ukraine.

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